DALLAS — The Dallas Booster Club has long played a major role during Summerfest. The club is bringing something new to the festivities on Saturday.

“We wanted to do something a little different,” organizer Trenda Locke said.

In past years, the club has put on a fun run. This time around, they’re sending people out on an adventure to gather clues about Dallas.

“I have a friend who has done a scavenger hunt, and she helped me come up with the route and the activities,” Locke said. “We decided to give it a shot.”

The scavenger hunt will begin Saturday at 5 p.m., when teams of up to six members gather at the main entrance of the Academy Building.

From there, teams will receive clues via text message to various locations around Dallas.

Teams must provide a phone number that clues will be texted to.

Some clues will be straight-forward, while others will require some quick thinking and detective skills, Locke said.

“They are all things that you could easily come up with if you wanted to Google it or ask people in the community,” Locke said.

The only rule is you must run or walk to each destination.

“There’s no particular route you have to follow,” Locke said. “Teams will have 10 things to do: Some of them, you have to take a picture there, others you have to collect something. Distances will vary depending on what order you solve the clues.”

There will be an award given to the team that finishes first — as well as special awards.

“The other awards will be unique,” Locke said.

Upon finishing, each participant can enjoy a concert by Erotic City at 7 p.m. as part of the Summerfest closing celebration. Each team member receives a drink ticket for a beer, cider or root beer.

“We wanted to create something that encouraged people to get out and move,” Locke said. “At the same time, we wanted it to be a little bit of a challenge and have a social aspect with the concert afterwards, enjoying a drink and just getting people out and enjoying themselves.”

Locke said this will serve as a test to see how receptive the community will be to the scavenger hunt.

“Because (the fun run and scavenger hunt) are on opposite ends of the day and draw different types of people, if we did have enough people, we could do both,” Locke said. “But we are just trying to figure out what and how we can do things for the community.”

The cost is $25 for team members 12 and older and $10 for members 11 and younger. Day of registration will be available.

“Part of the fun run was how we were able to get people going through our town,” Locke said. “This will do the same kind of thing and give people some recreational fun to enjoy.”

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