INDEPENDENCE —   It was a week of victories for the Central High School Panthers girls tennis team, sweeping Lebanon 8-0 on April 23 and defeating North Salem 6-2 at home on April 25.

On Tuesday, the notable singles match was when freshman Jill McBeth defeated Lebanon’s Sheerie Cherlam 6-0, 6-2 for her first victory of the season.

On Thursday, the team played on its home court for their second triumph.

Senior Reann Kelly swept Joseline Corrales 6-0, 6-0 in the No. 1 singles match, posting a 4-3 record for Kelly in league, and a 6-3 overall record for her senior season.

She said her match went well.

“I’m doing really awesome this year,” she said. “The only match that I regret is Silverton, because I could have won. It was a really close game and it was, like, who was playing better, and I wasn’t playing my best.”

With just a few weeks left of the season, Kelly reflected on her last four years being on the Panthers tennis team.

“It’s crazy to think about, because I’ve been playing all four years in high school, and it’s crazy to think it’s ending.”

Kelly has districts to look forward to before it’s all over, which will begin May 8 at the Timberhill Tennis Club in Corvallis. 

“I went to quarter finals (last year),” Kelly said. “I’m hoping this year, my goal is to make it to semifinals and make it to state. That’s my goal, so we’ll see.”

In the No. 1 doubles matches, senior Amelia Cantu and junior Kimi Montes defeated their North Salem opponents 6-1 and 6-4.

“I think it went really well today,” Cantu said after the victory.

“Yeah I think it was our best match so far,” Montes said.

The duo isn’t usually in the No. 1 doubles spot, but took over that title in place of Faith Berry and Kaitlyn Dorn.

“It was tough being No. 1 doubles, but today we played No. 1 (doubles) and we won, so that was nice.”

Cantu and Montes have been partners for the last two years.

“I think it’s fun to have a partner, and just not to be alone out there,” Cantu said. “You have someone to cheer you on.”

“Yeah you don’t get as down on yourself because the other person is there to pick you up, and vice versa,” Montes said.

Going into the districts tournament, the girls are just hoping to do better than they did last year.

“We didn’t do too good,” Cantu said. “We lost our first match to the No. 1 Corvallis team, and then we won the next two matches, and then we lost.”

“I’m just hoping we win our first match,” Montes said, laughing.

The Panthers hosted South Albany on Tuesday after press time.

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