Senior Ty Currie of WOU received two GNAC Player of the Week honors in September for his performance for this football season.

MONMOUTH — There is something to be said about an athlete who receives accolades twice in one month.

Ty Currie is that kind of athlete.

The senior, who plays quarterback for the Western Oregon University Wolves football team, picked up two Great Northwest Athletic Conference honors, first on Sept. 16, for his performance against Texas A&M – Commerce, and then again on Sept. 30 after an exciting 36-26 victory at Central Washington.

He is being highlighted for a reason.

So far this season, Currie has tallied 1,126 passing yards on 137 attempts, and 408 rushing yards in 77 attempts. He’s also recorded 15 touchdowns.

He, along with his teammates, has led the team to a 4-2 overall record, and 4-0 in GNAC.

This is the best start through six games that the Wolves have had since 2011.

Currie says that mentally, the team is in a good spot — even with the two losses at the start of the season at Angelo State and against Texas A&M – Commerce.

“I think that it was good to play some of those Texas schools to start the season and just to see a competition that maybe we don’t match up as well to, but we have to find other ways to compete, so I think that made us a lot better,” he said. “And then when we got into GNAC, we just kept rolling with that and held ourselves to a high level of competition, and just started getting the job done. We’re excited, and excited to keep getting better.”

The win at Central Washington on Sept. 28, which snapped a 21-year-losing streak against that team, was a different show from last year’s 50-17 and 48-10 losses.

It was a game Currie looks back on fondly.

“The week leading into it — we tried not talk about how long we haven’t won up there, because it can be a distraction, but it was in the back of our minds, so we went up there with a little extra energy, and I think we had a lot of confidence going into the game that we might not have had last year,” he said. “But once the game got started, we just let everything go and played it like another game. You can’t put too much pressure on yourself because then you’re bound to make mistakes.

“After the game, it was very exciting to share that relief of, ‘We’ve won,’ together, and I’m grateful to be a part of a team that was able to do it.”

Overall team growth is why Currie thinks they pulled off that win.

“I think we were all pretty young (last year), and we were so focused on what, individually, our job was, and so focused on what you did as an individual that it kind of took away from part of the team,” Currie said. “Now that we have more experience, we are able to focus more on what the team can do than just yourself.”

This year, “everyone is playing their role and doing whatever they can do to maximize that and do their best job at it for the team,” he said.

Four more games are left in the Wolves 2019 schedule — over halfway done with the season.

It will be Currie’s last with the Wolves.

“With it being my last season, I’m just excited to play in every game,” he said. “I just want to stay healthy and play in all the games. I just want to play.”

The Wolves have had a fire lit under their tails since the beginning of the season, and that kind of energy can be hard to maintain for a long period of time, Currie said.

“As a team, we have to take it every week at a time,” he said. “And just be excited every week to go out and play. It’s hard to play at a high level every week of the season. It’s a challenge, but I think we’re up to it.”

A big part of winning the game on Saturday has to do with how you show up in practice during the week.

“We practice early in the morning, so its easy to come out and be tired and not really want to be out there,” Currie said, “but you have to find a way to bring that energy. Because that’s where you’re essentially going to win the game — is Tuesday through Thursday.”

Currie is from Yreka, Calif., and played football in high school. His senior year, he was named Student-Athlete of the Year at Yreka Union High School, and set a school record for most touchdowns scored in a season in 2014.

Football is something he never wants to stop playing, even after he’s done with college.

“I think football is the ultimate team sport,” Currie said. “Everyone has to be on the same page, everyone has to know their job, and perform at a high level for everything to click, and when that does click, that’s the best feeling: Doing something together as a group. That’s the most fun part for me, as well as just getting to run around and play the game that I’ve been playing since seventh grade.”

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