Dallas girls basketball suffers loss against Corvallis

The Dragons girls basketball team fell 71-37 against Corvallis on Tuesday night at home. 

DALLAS - The Dallas High School girls basketball team started the week off in the trenches against the Corvallis Spartans Tuesday night, dropping the game by 71-37. 

The game might have slipped through the Dragons’ (4-8 overall, 1-3 Mid-Willamette Conference) fingers, but if there was a player who didn’t waver in her efforts trying to come back from a 20-point deficit after half time, it was junior Maddie Doig. 

She may not have scored the most points for the team that night, but it was her voice that was heard yelling at her teammates above the sounds of the game, and it was her energy that made up for the players who lacked it. 

She consistently has brought that energy to each game since the season opened. 

She says being able to bounce back after a tough play or a tough game is crucial to the overall season. 

“It’s a mentality thing, everybody just has to bring a little bit of (energy),” Doig said. “Once one person starts it, it’s contagious and it will spread to everyone.”

Head coach Dakota Griffith says Doig has established herself as a leader of the team with her energy levels.

“Maddie (Doig) is a really gritty, great girl for us,” said head coach Dakota Griffith. “Always gives 100 percent, so now it’s just who else can we find to match that aggressiveness?” 

Before halftime, the Dragons were outscored by 25 points, which came from a lack of communication, said Doig. 

“We gave up a lot of open shots, and the first half I don’t think we were as focused as we could have been.”

Doig said the team needs to work on playing a consistent game from start to finish when facing teams like the Spartans. 

“With teams like Corvallis (10-2 overall, 3-1 MWC), who are big on shooting, we have to make sure we’re playing good first and second halves,” she said. “Like today, we didn’t come out showing our best in the first half like we could have.”

Griffith said that the girls played better once the second half got going. 

“Corvallis is very physical and I credit them on their physicality,” he said. “We talked about ways to negate some of those advantages for them, and we didn’t commit to that plan of attack. But overall I thought our girls responded to our halftime talk well and played a lot better the second half. So, still growing, still learning each other and what we do well on offense and defense.”

Freshman Hannah Callaway led in scoring with 10 points for the night. Doig added seven. Junior Faith Martin-Bail contributed six points, and led in rebounds with four. 

This game stung, but it’s time to prepare for the team’s next game, hosting Silverton (10-2 overall, 4-0 MWC), the No. 1 team in the league. 

“They’re a very good team,” Doig said. “We plan on bearing down and having a good first and second half.”

Whatever the outcome, Doig said she’s going to put in 100 percent. 

“I’m going to go after it as hard as I can,” she said. 


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