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The Dragons fell 64-48 against the Warriors Friday night.


DALLAS — The Dallas High School boys basketball team was defeated on Friday night against the Lebanon Warriors, 64-48.

It’s been a tough season for the Dragons, who are now on an eight-game losing streak.

“When you’re going through a season like we’re going through, with a lot of growth and a lot of young kids trying to figure out how to play together, one thing we are really dealing with right now is team chemistry and getting everyone on the same page,” said head coach Jordan Sollman. “And there’s just a lot of things going on in the psychological piece of the game that we are trying to figure out and some rough parts that we are going through … that’s making it very difficult for us to take the next step forward with what we got. And we are trying to figure out what the best answer is.”

This isn’t how Sollman or his team envisioned the season would go, but the thing Sollman talks a lot about is a constant effort on his team’s part, every time it comes out on the court.

“That’s one thing that I don’t think I ever have to worry about with these boys,” Sollman said, “is they fight and they fight and they fight, and they do put forth really good effort.”

Being consistent in that effort for the full 32 minutes of a game is something the team can improve on, said junior Jace Grillo.

“We just have to find it in ourselves, that will to win, we just have to want to win,” he said. “We’re still looking for it —  we show it at times, and then at times it drops off, and we have to be able to play all 32 minutes.”

At the whistle, the Dragons (4-13 overall, 1-9 Mid-Willamette Conference) gained possession of the ball but were thwarted by the Warrior’s (5-13, 2-8 MWC) defense.

Coming out of the locker room with a little more energy in the third quarter, the Dragons scored 25 points while keeping Lebanon to just four, but couldn’t execute the same energy going into the fourth quarter, when the Warriors went on a 29-4 run to secure the win.

“We brought that game down within five in the third quarter, and it was close at the start of the fourth, and we let one big run of two or three three’s and we kind of put our head down,” Sollman said. “And it’s a focus thing — basketball is a game of runs and it’s about responding. There were times where we responded really well to runs and there were times where we could have done a better job.”

Grillo agreed with his coach.

“We knew they were going to play a good game, and play us tough, and they got the better of us,” he said.

The Dragons hosted North Salem (2-16, 0-10 MWC) on Tuesday after press time and travel to Corvallis (13-5, 6-4 MWC) on Friday. Tipoff is scheduled for 7 p.m.

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