DALLAS — It was another successful night under the lights for the Dragons football team.

The 32-7 triumph against the Crescent Valley Raiders put the Dragons at 4-1 for the season, and head coach Andy Jackson was happy with the way his team executed.

“I’m proud of us,” he said. “Collectively, as a team I’m really proud of us. Staff, players, admin, school, support — I really think we’re going in the right direction, and I think our expectations are high, and I think that we’ve put a lot in.”

The team looks a lot different compared to last year’s 2-7 season record.

So what’s the difference between the two seasons? Jackson says the difference is that — there is no difference.

“Last year, I took the job and we were losing some close games and we were right on the cusp of it — we didn’t change our approach (this year), anything, it’s just, like anything, with time it gets better. Some people have asked me, ‘Oh what are you doing differently?’ And we’re not doing anything differently; we’re just staying the course and staying positive and expect that good things are going to happen.”

And they are.

“We’ve been waiting for this (season) since January,” said senior running back Colby Johnson. “We came together as a team finally. It’s something to be proud of. Holding a team like this lower than 14 points — it feels great.”

“Yeah, we put the work in over the summer — we tried hard,” said senior running back Ayden Lundin. “We really wanted to win.”

Lundin led for the night with two touchdowns, and moved the chains for 116 yards on five attempts. Johnson rushed for 160 yards in 21 attempts.

By halftime, the Dragons held the Raiders (2-3 overall, 2-3 Mid-Willamette Conference) to 14-0. It was only in the fourth quarter, with a few minutes remaining, that the Raiders managed to break through the Dragons’ defensive line and score a touchdown.  Jackson wants the team to celebrate its hard work — but not for long. “We’re going to enjoy tonight … and then we got work to do,” he said. On Thursday, the Dragons travel to Silverton (5-0 overall, 5-0 MWC) for its first away game of the season. Kickoff is slated for 7 p.m.

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