Dallas City Council tames decorum standards


DALLAS — Dallas’ adult recreation program is ready to get in the Halloween spirit with the Glow Run, set for Oct. 15 at 7:15 p.m.

• The Dallas Glow Run will take place Oct. 15 at 7:15 p.m.

• The 5-kilometer race begins and ends in downtown Dallas.

• The cost is $25 and includes a T-shirt, head lamp, glow stick and glow paint

• Must register by Oct. 7 to receive T-shirt.

• Registration forms are available online at www.dallasor.gov/....

• Proceeds from the run will go to Dallas Christmas Cheer, a nonprofit that provides holiday meals to families in need.

• The city hopes to offer more unique runs in 2017, including a mud run and warrior dashes.

The 5-kilometer run will begin and end in downtown Dallas. All runners will receive a T-shirt, head lamp, glow stick and glow paint (register by Oct. 7 to receive a T-shirt). The cost is $25 and proceeds will go to Christmas Cheer, a nonprofit that provides holiday meals for families in need in the Dallas area.

“We’re excited to do this event,” Brautigam said. “We saw that we have people who leave town to do running events all the time. If you look on Facebook you see 25 friends going to Portland or Salem or Corvallis to do this run.”

“A year and half ago, (the adult recreation committee) began talking about why can’t we do this stuff here in Dallas? What’s stopping us?”

Organizations in Dallas host a few running events throughout the year — chief among them may be the Summerfest Fun Run — but Brautigam wanted to offer something different, and he wants to establish the city as a place where runners beyond Dallas come to take part in events.

“After this event is successful, we want to venture into mud runs and warrior dashes,” Brautigam said. “I’m not a big runner, but I’ve coordinated with a lot of runners in town, and they’re excited for these types of things. The point is it’s not a traditional 5K or 10K run. We’ve got a theme behind it. There’s a family atmosphere and it’s a unique event to bring people into town. We want to create unique events that people from Salem, Corvallis, Monmouth and Independence want to come to.”

If all goes well, Brautigam said he hopes to see a second running event happen in 2017.

“After October, we head into a lot of cold weather,” Brautigam said. “Ideally, by next spring or summer, we will add a second event. We are leaning toward a mud run, but we need to find where we can make enough mud without getting into trouble.”

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