POLK COUNTY - The Oregon Schools Activities Association sent out a press release today regarding further information on the status of the spring sports season.

At this point in time, the OSAA Executive Board decided to continue its current suspension of spring activities but chose not to cancel any other remaining state championships at this time.

It is aligning its decisions with Governor Kate Brown's school closure order, and plans to continue on that path. Board member discussion centered around the latest information sent out from the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) earlier this week stating that there is a very real potential that students may not return to school this academic year. If the Governor orders that in-person student learning is shut down for the remainder of this school year, the OSAA will continue to align with the school closures and also cancel its spring activities and state championships.

Board members also discussed the potential of shifting spring activities and state championships into the summer and are not supportive of that concept at this time. Concerns included increased staffing and personnel costs for school districts already facing uncertain financial impacts, scheduling issues regarding facility availability, plus student/family commitments for jobs, travel, etc.

The OSAA staff has been working with Dr. Mick Koester, Chief Medical Advisor and chair of the OSAA’s Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, to develop acclimatization guidelines that the Board approved to emphasize student safety if schools are able to reconvene this spring. Included would be:

- an initial 7-day period with practices only, no contests

- limiting practices to once per day and no more than three hours in length

- maintaining the current requirement of no more than six consecutive days without a rest day

- continuing heat warnings as appropriate to weather and baseball pitch count limitations

- limiting the number of contests allowed in a week specific to each activity (more details to come later)

- emphasizing late afternoon starts and weekend contests when possible to limit loss of class time

 The OSAA Executive Board has an online meeting scheduled for April 15 to discuss developments regarding this situation and take any action they deem necessary regarding spring activities and state championships. 

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