PERRYDALE GIRLS BASKETBALL: Pirates earn spot in 1A state playoffs

Telaney Newton (20) goes for a steal as teammates watch on Friday afternoon.

* UPDATE: Perrydale defeated Southwest Christian 37-25 on Tuesday. The Pirates will play at Adrian on Friday in the second round of the state playoffs.

PORTLAND — It took until the final seconds, but Perrydale’s girls basketball team clinched a spot in the OSAA Class 1A state playoffs.

The Pirates overcame a slow offensive start to defeat Willamette Valley Christian 30-27 on Friday in the Casco League Tournament.

“I’m excited,” senior Anna McGill said. “This has been our one goal throughout the entire season.”

Perrydale battled more than just WVC. Multiple players missed practice during the week due to illness, including freshman starter Shylar Halverson. Two players, freshmen Alyssa Lux and Hannah Hallock, stepped into the starting lineup.

“Alyssa and Hannah stepped up,” senior Telaney Newton said. “They both did an excellent job.”

The Pirates held a 30-27 lead with five seconds left in the game and WVC could not get a potential game-tying 3-pointer off before time expired.

Perrydale, which lost to Country Christian 62-19 on Saturday in the tournament title game, earned the league’s second seed at state.

The Pirates hosted Southwest Christian in the first round of the state playoffs Tuesday after press time. The winner advances to the second round on Friday.

“We want to (succeed at state) in basketball because it’s an incredible feeling,” Telaney Newton said.

For the team’s youngest players, this experience sets the Pirates up for future success once the team’s four seniors graduate, Terry Newton said.

“Fortunately for us, this is a top 10 program,” coach Terry Newton said. “Maybe not this year, but we are Perrydale. We’ve been here. These (older) girls have been through it. Anna and Telaney, they know what to do at the end. Now, when we lose the seniors, we’ll have five or six girls who have been through this experience.”

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