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Sophomore Dakota Lawrence leaps over the high jump bar at Perrydale’s first-ever track and field meet on May 4.

PERRYDALE – Perrydale High School hosted its first-ever track and field meet, hosting 10 other teams, including Falls City High School, on May 4, the boys and girls teams both clinching first-place honors. The boys racked up 133 points, and the girls claimed 142.5.

Junior Amity Deters was the talk of the meet after she launched a 17-06.00 mark in the high jump, for a personal record by nearly a foot. Deters also took first in her other events: leaping to 5-00.00 in the high jump and 34-01.75 in the triple jump.


Amity Deters set a new personal record of 17-06.00 in the long jump on May 4.

“Overall I think I did pretty well (today),” Deters said. “I got under a foot PR in long jump, which is really good.”

Last year, Deters was the 1A track and field state champion in the long jump, and her goal is to defend that title this year at the 1A state meet at Western Oregon University on May 17-18.

“So far I’m first in state right now (for long jump), but there are some really good competitors that are up with me that weren’t there last year. I think there’s two or three other girls that I’ll be competing with.”

Before she focuses too much on state, she has districts to look forward to, which takes place this weekend at Portland Christian High School, May 10-11.

She said she will be focusing on “perfecting my jumps, making sure I don’t freak out at high jump and just fine-tuning things.”

Senior Dustin Silver and junior Joshua Crawford both tied in first place in the high jump with a mark of 6-00.00, both picking up PRs along the way. They also went two-three in the long jump, with Crawford going 18-07.50 for a PR, and Silver with a mark of 18-07.00.

In the javelin, senior Alyssa Lux uncorked 109-09 PR for second place. In the triple jump, she came behind Deters in second place by leaping 31-00.00. She also helped the 4x100-relay race set a PR and take first place, alongside teammates with senior Sophie Junghans, junior Kenzy Lawrence and Deters. The squad crossed the finish line at 53.26.

Lux said the day went well for her.

“I PR’d in javelin, so that’s what I’m really excited about,” she said. “I haven’t been doing good in long jump this year, I don’t know what it is… it must just be the senior-itis thing. Triple jump went good, I didn’t PR, but I got close to it. In the 4x100, one of our girls was hurt, so I got to substitute in, and we PR’d in that so that’s really good. So two out of four events. I’m really happy that it happened on our first home meet. It’s crazy, I never thought we could have a track meet here. It’s really special.”

Last year at state, Lux set a 103-00 PR in the javelin, and this year she said she hopes to beat the school record, which is 114-00.00.

Head coach Brian Evans said without the help of the many volunteers, and the eager athletes who show up to compete every season, the meet would never have happened.

“Well, when I first came here six years ago, we had this beautiful track, and we’ve never had a track meet here, and I was told we would never have a track meet because we wouldn’t have enough volunteers,” Evans said. He said he was determined to make hosting a meet happen.

Two years ago, the track team held a fundraiser to help raise awareness of Evans’ – and the team’s – dream to hold a track meet.

“So that was two years ago, and we had another fundraiser this year, and now here we are,” Evans said.

He said he hopes to host one each year from here on out.

Evans said the team is looking good as it approaches districts on Friday.

“We’re sitting in a really good spot with some of our competitors,” he said. “Amity’s No. 1 in state in high jump, and now we have two kids in over six feet in high jump for boys. We took five kids to state last year, but no boys. But this year we should have some boys.”

Falls City

The Falls City High School Mountaineers boys team, which consisted of only two members, did not place at the Perrydale track meet. The girls team took fourth place, with 71.5 points.

Senior Amara Houghtaling took first place in the 100-meters race and the 200-meters race, clocking 13.91 and 29.07, respectively. In the 100- and 300-meters hurdles, junior Natalie Batie clinched first and second place, crossing the line at 18.98 and 57.80, respectively.

Houghtaling and Batie helped to take second place in the 4x100, along with teammates Katie Ross and Neveah Lofte, clocking in at 55.46. In the long jump, Houghtaling landed in fifth place with a 14-07.00 mark.

“(Today’s) going OK” Houghtaling said. “No PR’s. I don’t usually do the 200, but they don’t have the pole vault here so I’m doing the 200.”

Overall, she said her season has gone well, especially last week at the Amity Invite.

There, “I PR’d in pole vault, long jump and the 100. In the 100, I got a 13.45, which is .01 from the school record, and I got 15 feet in long jump, which is three and a half inches from the school record, and then I got 6-06 in the pole vault, which is also the school record, because I’m the only girl in school history that has done pole vault for girls. So, I’m marking my way up.”

Her interest in doing pole vault came from wanting to claim a school record.

I wanted someone to have a record, and I wanted it to be my name,” she said. “So I said, buy me a pole, and then they bought me a $600 pole. My uncle, he works at Central High School, he doesn’t coach or anything, but he’s been helping me, and I’ve been using their (CHS) facility so that’s been nice.”

Last year, Houghtaling went to state in the 4x100 relay.

“I’m hoping to go in individual events, that’s my goal this year,” she said.

To get there, “I’m going to work on my 100 – I have a great start, but I slow down as it gets to the finish line. And continually working on pole vault and long jump. So, accepting criticism and getting to work. It’s interesting having a gravel track, but we make it work.”

Falls City heads to districts this weekend at Portland Christian High School, May 10-11.

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