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Amity Deters jumps up to make a shot.

PERRYDALE – The blowout game against Triangle Lake on Feb. 20 meant just one thing for the Perrydale Pirates girls basketball team: they’re one step closer to making it to the state championships in Baker City.

With the 66-21 victory under their belt in the first round of playoffs, the girls were feeling confident as they headed into Saturday’s game.

“I think right now we’re in a really, really good place, everything is kind of set up for us in the best way possible for playoffs,” said senior Alyssa Lux. “In practices, we’ve been really focused, I feel like, on our big goal, which is obviously state. We’re pulling everything together … and cracking down on what we really need to focus on.”

Last year, the team made it into the second round of playoffs but lost to Damascus Christian by just two points, 23-21.

Lux said she doesn’t want that scenario to happen again.

“We just have to give our all out there, and just know that we know what to do. We’re just gonna go out and do our thing.”

In Wednesday’s game, the Pirates (22-7 overall, 14-2 Casco League) capitalized on the Lakers’ (15-13 overall, 7-7 Mountain West League) weak offense and stripped them of the ball every chance they got, forcing turnovers and executing shots to put them in the lead.

Heading into the second quarter, the Pirates were up 16-2. 

At halftime, the Lakers had only managed to nab four more points, while the Pirates stayed consistent and notched another 25 points onto their scoreboard.

“We’re playing really well, we’re right where you want to be,” said head coach Terry Newton. “We came out and we were obviously knuckles down on these guys, we got to play everybody on the bench … I’m super happy, the girls did a great job. The thing that I’m happy with, you know, I’ve been here 20+ years, I was the boys coach for 10 years, been on the girls side for five or six, and the program’s really solid. We have a really good chance (at Baker); we just have to play well. Four and a half hour drive, a lot of things to go into it, but it’s a great group of girls, so, we’ll see.”

Saturday, the girls held on to the game against Rogue Valley Adventist Academy (20-3 overall, 14-2 Mountain Valley League) with everything they had and clinched a 30-29 victory, which means the Pirates move on to the quarterfinals at Baker High School against Jordan Valley (23-2 overall, 13-0 High Desert League) at 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

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