Prune Pickers' coach says 'thank you'

The Dallas Prune Pickers finished its season 14-6 and coach Christopher Brees said it felt the support of the Dallas community.

DALLAS — Christopher Brees, one of the coaches of the Dallas Prune Pickers, a 10U all-star baseball team, wants to make sure the community knows how thankful he is for their contribution to the team this season.

“This summer we were able to feed the kids every weekend at tournaments due to many various donations from Zach Steele Farmers Insurance, Boxcrete, Shine & Sparkle LLC, Washington St Steakhouse and Pub, Paul and Judy Ward,” Brees said. “And the Dallas Dairy Queen donated dilly bars for every double play we turned.”

These contributions not only helped lower the cost of playing, but the team was given new uniforms and sweatshirts.

“It was such a great feeling, the sense of community,” Brees said.

The Prune Picker’s season ran from June 7 to July 12, and ended with a 14-6 record.

The team name was chosen at the beginning of the season, and Brees said it generated a lot of questions.

“Everywhere we played or when people came here, they were like, ‘oh what, where does Prune pickers come from?’” Brees said. “I wanted to bring history back to Dallas.”

Dallas was known as Prune City from 1917-1936. Families planted prune trees and they were shipped from Dallas throughout the United States and even all the way to Europe.

The Prune Pickers were coached by Brees, a former Dallas High School baseball coach, Coach John Hess, who coaches wrestling through the Dallas Mat Club, Coach Mike Loughry, one of DHS’s wrestling coaches, and Coach Jason Brown, who played baseball at Western Oregon University.

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