Don’t have a car to get around in now that you’re settling into life at Western Oregon University?

Don’t worry.

WOU provides a free shuttle service for students who don’t have a car to be able to get around Monmouth and Independence without having to walk in the dark.

The shuttle service, called WOLF ride, is operated by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Shuttle services are offered between 5 p.m. and midnight, Monday through Sunday.

To request a ride, students can call 503-428-7238.

Ride requests are a first-come, first-serve operation, since there is only one van available. The van is equipped with a wheelchair lift.

When you call to make a reservation and the driver cannot answer, leave a message and make sure to include the following:

Your name

The location at which you need to be picked up

The time you would like to be picked up

A number in which you can be reached

Whether you are alone or if others are joining you

When you are picked up, the driver will ask for your V#, or WOU student I.D. number.

Special rides are offered during Fall Term finals week, Dec. 11 through 13, and Winter Term finals week, Jan 4 and 5, where students can request a ride to and from Salem for $15 per trip.

To request a special trip during the elected times, students can go online to and fill out a form, or pick one up at the Vice President of Student Affairs office. Payments can be made in cash or check.

WOLF ride will refuse service to intoxicated persons, and is not to be used as a designated personal driver service.

Some approved uses of WOLF ride include transportation to/from:

The grocery store

A restaurant

The movie theater

A residence within WOLF ride boundaries.

WOLF ride operates around Monmouth and Independence.

For information on WOLF ride, or for questions, call 503-838-8221.

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